About Us

About Us

We have been intensively and passionately involved with the magnificent breed of Cavalier King Charles for more than ten years! We were grateful for the opportunity we had to be part of this puppy world and it was an honour to contribute to this world class breed!

We have gone through good and bad, we have learned so much and we are even going to take so much more with us in the future! We were fortunate enough to have bred 4 world champions and many regional champions over the years! As we end this chapter in our lives, we are opening new doors for the future which we are extremely excited about!

After alot of research we were introduced to this entirely different breed, the Cavalier , and were totally overwhelmed by these little maestro’s!! We got passionately involved in this breed at the beginning of 2010. The intelligence and pure guts of these great family dogs astonished us!

Apart from the fact that they are so compact, backed with the most beautiful colour variation (5 major colour variations)!

What excellent family pets and companions, great mothers to their young. These little doggies are as tough as nails! They are excellent watch dogs and a must for the family!

Our challenge is to breed them as “compact” and small as possible, with great balance and conformation! Secondly to do proper genetic selection to increase the brightness of the colour variation which we find in this not so commonly found breed.

We want to use our past experience and successes and invest that in this magnificent breed! We are striving to breed the most beautiful Cavalier!

We now invite you to become part of this wonderful Cavalier world!


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